Deposits & Payment Plans (No Longer Accepting)

WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING PAYMENT PLANS - Reach out to if this is an issue but as of the 31st of January payment plans will not be offered.

OSITS & PAYMENT PLANS We understand that some guests may wish to book and pay using instalments, so our team has created additional payment options. Payment plans are now available, yet limited, and all terms and conditions must be agreed to before purchasing.

All deposits require you to email us immediately to confirm your room/bed and availability at or on our contact us page.
Deposits are on a first-come, first-messaged basis for bookings. We are not responsible if you book and do not check availability, and we will refund your money if your requested room is unavailable.

Confirm your payment plan straight away, make it easy for us all!

Payment Plan Options
The following are non-refundable deposits redeemable towards an available tour and room selection with corresponding payment plans.
You must make payments by the due dates, and failing to do so could mean forfeiture of your deposit and placement on our tour.

Recovery Collective 10th Anniversary Week
For Recovery Collective Deposits for Week 3 departing the 6th of July, please choose the $250eu option and purchase.
You must have discussed this with Recovery Collective or Fjaka sail first.
Once you have booked, please email to confirm your position and establish the payment plan, as spots are limited.
The first 20 spots are strictly limited, and just because you make a deposit booking does not mean you are entitled to any price until you have emailed and confirmed with Fjaka Sail or Recovery Collective.

$250 nonrefundable, redeemable deposit (comes off the total price

  • Pay the remaining balance by the 31st of December.

$500 nonrefundable, redeemable deposit (comes off the total price)

  • Pay half of the remaining balance by the 31st of December.
  • Pay the remaining balance by the 29th of February.

$1000 nonrefundable, redeemable deposit (comes off the total price)

  • Pay the remaining balance by the 29th of February.

The terms and conditions of standard purchases apply to payment plans, and include the following additional terms:
Standard pricing applies and payment plans are not available in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.
At the time of purchasing a plan, a coinciding email with the requested room type and dates of the tour is required to complete the booking request.
Room and tour dates depend on availability.

All terms and conditions are final upon receipt of an email from us confirming the purchase of a plan and a coinciding email with available tour dates and room selection.

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★★★★★ Best price guarantee

Please select payment option
If interested, please get in touch with us via email at with subject title “Payment Plan Please” to check for availability of room and tour dates desired.
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